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*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

I just started 360 Medical Weight Loss Specialists and could not be more pleased!  I finished my second week and already lost 9lbs of fat!  Dr. Gartner is wonderful and super easy to work with.  She makes you feel like you are her only patient. Dr. Gartner takes her time to ensure all of your questions and concerns are answered before you leave.  The visits are quick and painless, about 20 minutes, and could easily be completed on a lunch break if needed.  I highly recommend 360 MWS for people who want to lose weight fast and establish a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime.  *

– Jim N.

Dr Gartner is very good at what she does, I would recommend her services to anyone. Her knowledge is very up to date in a business where information is changing daily.  *

– Don B.

Best decision I’ve ever made!   Dr. Gartner and her staff are great!  Happy with results even during a lot of stress its working!!  *

– J S.

Dr Gartner is simply Amazing! She helps you in anyway that she can. I have been going to her for nearly 4 years and would not change it.  *

– Urmla K.

Great place with wonderful people! Completely satisfied with my services! Highly recommend!  *

– David K.

I had the very best experience here!  I love the food lists so I can make good decisions when I’m eating and journaling meant that I could review my in my appointments and decide when I should be eating what. Theirs also really great foods that they sell. I’m a huge fan of the tortillas! I’m happy with the way I feel but additionally I lost 15 pounds in no time and I was able to see what was fat and what was water weight!  I recommend getting the full package for the first month: b-12 shot, weekly check ins with a body fat test and nutrition planning with the dr.  *

– Laima H.

I had cool sculpting today and I am extremely happy with the process. Dr Gartner and her staff were very professional and explained the steps and expectations.

I highly recommend them!  *

– Shawn M.

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*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

I have found Dr. Gartner to be a caring and intuitive physician who can provide healthy solutions to anyone’s needs for loosing weight.  Her program is flexible and her solutions and recommendations are realistic.  She considers the whole person and his or her lifestyle. The body composition instrument that she uses during weigh ins provides the patient with an entire understanding of the health of the patient in an immediate and easy to understand format.  Food alternatives are sold on-sight and at a very reasonable price. I feel better and my work out sessions seem to have more of an impact. The program has put me on the path to loosing the weight I desire and with more energy and less of a craving for bad foods during the day.  I recommend her program to anyone regardless of how much or how little weight they need to loose.  *

– Andrew G.

50 pounds lost! I was referred to her as a weight loss specialist by my surgeon after a gallbladder surgery after I was losing weight TOO fast the wrong way. Dr Gartner has supported me to follow a program that fits my schedule and with real world advice and solutions and kindness backed up by medical science. I am amazed at my own progress and love to focus not on the numbers, but the great ways my life has changed besides the scale.

Here is what 360 Medical Weight Specialists and Dr. Gartner have given me to be proud of about myself now…. I can finally bend over and touch my toes, I can swing dance better, I can drum Megadeath and Metallica easier now, I am a better example to the children who watch what I eat, I can finally shop at Target and other discount stores for clothes, when people hug me – they can get their arms all the way around me, I don’t twist my ankles all the time anymore, I never go through drive-thru – I couldn’t imagine eating that now, I have hope in my future again.

Thank you Dr. Gartner and Danielle and 360 Medical Weight Specialists for helping me save my own life this past year!!!  *

– Carolyn W.

Tomorrow starts my third week, and I am already a believer.  I have tried everything from Weight Watchers to having lap band surgery over the past 20 years and nothing has worked (or lasted) for me.  This program focuses on high protein and veggies and has allowed me to detox sugar and feel full.  The appetite suppressant works very well for me (and I’m mad no one ever thought to give one to me before…).  Dr. Gartner is supportive, friendly but firm and I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me.  *

– Jennifer K.

I have struggled with weight loss for 10 years, yet it took only 10 months of following 360’s programs to lose 19 pounds of pure fat.  By adopting the healthier habits recommended by Dr. Gartner, I’m able to manage my weight and I have also reduced the duration of my workout sessions.  I now feel well-rested after just seven hours of sleep and enjoy higher energy levels throughout my day, despite a rigorous full-time school and work schedule.  Dr. Gartner’s work has changed many lives, mine included, and I am grateful that through her work I have learned how to eat well for life.  *

– Ruth K.

I love that this office works with you on payment plans they are very understanding and seem like they really want to help you reach your goal! I just had cool sculpting done on my chin area and I can’t wait to see the results they also let me know I could use them as support with my weight loss journey they are helpful and understanding and like I said they work with you on payments not many people do anymore!  *

– Jessie R.

Dr. Annie and her team changed my life. She turned me from a stationary chocolate eating slob into a lean mean gym machine! This took less than a year. I feared that this was going to be the Hunger Games, but it wasn’t. Smartest decision I have made in a while.  *

– Maximilian A.

360 Medical Weight Loss and Dr Gartner have transformed my body, and my life! I am at 50lbs and counting in only three months. This is not as tough as it might sound! I encourage anyone struggling with a stubborn weight problem to try their services! You won’t be disappointed!  *

– David W.

I can’t think of a time I hated myself more than when I was on an airplane wedged into one of those tiny little seats…….

A friend told me about 360 Medical Weight Specialist a few months back and I thought I would try it for a month.  It’s been four months now and I actually look forward to seeing Lindsay and Dr. Gartner each week.  I love the numbers and graphs I get from the body scan.  (I’m a numbers dork.) I always bring a ton of questions with me each week and they graciously answer them all.  I know I can also email during the week if I have a question.  I’m socially awkward and not very comfortable around people, but they make me feel right at home.  Life is good.  My only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner.

I’ve lost over 40 pounds since beginning my journey with 360 a few months ago.  I ran a half marathon last month and have just returned from Maui…….where I fit quite comfortably in that airplane seat.  Life is good.  *

– T. L.

I have lost 22 lbs. in 40 days! Dr. Gartner is amazing! Her food plan and support have turned my life around – honestly. I have tried other weight loss strategies and some have worked BUT… this one is a complete change of lifestyle that will stick with me forever. Compared to other weight loss options, it is very affordable!!! The weekly check-ins with her are supportive and encouraging. I opted to do the monthly B12 shots but not the appetite suppressant and after losing 9 lbs. the first week, have continued to lose 1.5-3 pounds each week. It’s been easy! My blood pressure is down and I was able to go off my medication – which is awesome! If you are looking for a permanent solution to yo-yo dieting – this is it! She does informational nights so you can go see what it’s all about for free… check it out! Only wish I’d found her earlier!  *

– Jennifer M.

I joined 360 Medical Weight Specialist in October 2013 and have lost 35 pounds.  I am a mere 10 pounds from my goal and finally feel as though I have control of my diet and of my total health.   I have tried a number of weight loss methods and was tired of struggling with my weight. Working full time I needed a simple plan which I could quickly pull together each morning.   I believe the plan’s overall ease coupled with quick results is what makes the plan so successful.  I couldn’t wait for my weigh-ins each week because I knew the weight was coming off.  Dr. Gartner spent time helping me understand how my intake was going to impact muscle mass, body fat ratios, my weight, as well as my overall hydration.  Dr. Gartner and her team at 360 taught me a new way of selecting foods and achieving health. They have gently coached me in discovering a new path to health and I finally get it!   Along with my weight loss the program resulted in other benefits:  my family’s health is improving as they are transitioning to smarter food choices along with me; an overall lower monthly grocery bill as the type of groceries purchased excludes all the unhealthy processed foods; my long-time ailments such as lower back pain and GI symptoms have completely disappeared.  Thank you 360 Medical Weight Specialists!  *

– Carol L.

I started working with Dr. Anne Gartner in June 2014. My goal was to lose about 30-35 pounds, and I reached that goal by November 2014. I initially went to one of her information sessions, where I learned a lot of helpful tips and got to step on her high-tech scale which gave me a full printout of information about my body. She was very knowledgeable and after that session I knew I had to give her program a try.  I have always struggled with losing weight, I work out regularly, tried to eat as healthy as possible, but the pounds would never go away they just kept packing on year after year.  She is very caring, knowledgeable, has the necessary tools to truly lose FAT not muscle and she was extremely helpful through the whole process. Being on her program also provided the necessary accountability I needed to stay on track. Prior to meeting Dr. Gartner I basically gave up hope of every reaching my ideal weight goal. Not only have I reached my goal I went a little further beyond it. Now I am maintaining my weight with ease. I am so thankful for her and her services and would recommend it to anyone looking to permanently lose weight in a healthy way, improve health, cure diabetes, look great and have an overall sense of wellbeing. Since losing the weight my confidence has gone up tremendously and it has also increased my success in my business as well! I get compliments everywhere I go and people are always asking me what my secret is. My physical appearance alone has motivated many others to seek her help. The secret to weight loss is Dr. Gartner at 360 Medical Weight Specialists. Thank you Dr. Gartner!  *

– Marcella T.

I hold Dr.Gartner and her staff in the highest regard. They are truly subject matter experts in all things food and nutrition, and bring an approach to weight loss that is based on sound medical research. But the best aspect of their services is that they really care about their patients and will provide a customized program based on your needs and who you are as a person. You will also benefit from their many practical ideas about how to move toward your goals.

The results speak for themselves – I lost 70 pounds in seven months and have had no difficulty sustaining my new weight. With their help, I learned how to eat in a healthy and sustainable way, while nevertheless loving the new foods I now eat. Working with Dr. Gartner was a very positive game changer in my life!  *

– Bill P.

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*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.



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