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Losing weight is one of the most significant moves you can make to not only change your appearance but boost your health in almost innumerable ways. The final results of your efforts leave you looking and feeling great, both inside and out.

Here at 360 Medical Weight Specialists in Walnut Creek, California, we don’t want anything getting in the way of how comfortable you feel in your own skin, which is why we’re now equipped with the latest radiofrequency technology to banish cellulite and loose skin — the vShape®.

Here’s a look at what causes cellulite and loose skin, and how the vShape can help.

The great equalizer … sort of

Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not the sole domain of those who are overweight. These lumpy deposits of fat can strike every body type at any age and usually show up around your thighs and buttocks. Unfortunately, because of the foundational structure of the female skin and fat placement, cellulite tends to affect women far more than men (90% versus 10%).

Beneath your skin you have a network of collagen fibers that hold your skin in place, keeping it tied to your muscle. In between your muscle and your skin lies your fat. In women, these connective fibers form more of an up-and-down pattern while men’s connective fibers form a criss-cross pattern. This means that fat can more easily push through women’s fibers than men’s, and show up just underneath the surface of your skin.

Add to this the fact that women store more fat in their thighs and buttocks, and their hormones influence collagen strength, and you have the recipe for cellulite.

Beyond the limits

As you lose weight, especially as you get older, your skin has a harder time bouncing back and fitting your new, smaller size.

The collagen in your skin is responsible for its tone and firmness, and if you think of it like a rubber band, you begin to understand that it loses its ability to bounce back to its original shape if it’s stretched beyond its limits or stretched too often.

Throw in the fact that your collagen productions naturally slows with age, and you can see why you may be left with loose skin after weight loss. And that’s where we can help.

The vShape to the rescue

Our vShape technology relies on radiofrequency energy to go beneath your skin, without harming the surface area, to heat up and destroy your fat cells. At the same time, the energy stimulates your collagen production. The laser energy creates a healing response in your skin, which triggers collagen and elastin production, helping your skin regain firmness and tone.

In addition to the radiofrequency energy, the vShape also delivers a mechanical massage that breaks up lumps of fat, such as the ones that come with cellulite, which smoothes out your skin.

This technique is a great solution for almost any area in your body where you might have loose skin or cellulite, including:

It’s worth noting that the vShape can tackle areas that traditional liposuction can’t, like above your knees, all without breaking your skin with invasive surgical techniques.

Don’t let loose skin or cellulite keep you from your weight loss goals. Call us or schedule an appointment using our online booking tool on this website.

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