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You’ve done the work, reached your goal weight,.and are eager to enjoy the many benefits of your new and improved healthier body. But, if pesky fight deposits – around the abdomen, thighs, buttocks or elsewhere – remain, there’s a simple solution. Dr. Anne Gartner and the team at 360 Medical Weight Specialists (360 MWS) in Walnut Creek, California have helped countless patients finish off their weight -loss journey withCoolSculpting® body contouring.

Say goodbye to stubborn fat

You’ve learned the benefits of healthy eating, good nutrition, and keeping your body’s hormones and metabolism in balance. Maybe you’ve even increased your physical activity — participating in things you enjoy, walking more, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Even if you’re within 10-20 pounds of your ideal weight, you may still find that you have stubborn areas of fat that aren’t responding to your new lifestyle as you had hoped they would.

If that’s where you are on your weight loss journey, consider the only FDA-cleared fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to safely and permanently freeze away fat cells. CoolSculpting is noninvasive, too, so you don’t have to endure a risky surgery or lengthy downtime. In fact, you can come in on your lunch hour, read or check emails during your 35-60 minutes of CoolSculpting treatment, and go back to work that afternoon. It’s really that simple — especially after all the effort you’ve put in to losing weight and keeping it off. Don’t you deserve to reward yourself, too?

No more love handles or muffin-tops

Still left with a double chin? What about that belly pooch or back fat? CoolSculpting can get rid of all those problem areas, and sculpt your thighs, remove the roll under your bra, and get rid of the fat beneath your buttocks. With so many options to choose from, you can treat more than one area to make the most of your new figure, and reshape and define many of your problem areas.

Perhaps the best part about CoolSculpting is that it lets you discover a more contoured, shapely body — the one you’ve worked so hard to achieve through healthy eating and lifestyle changes. Ultimately, as you emerge as a healthier version of yourself, CoolSculpting can help your clothes fit even better, and give you yet another confidence boost.

It’s safe and easy to take the next step on your journey

Yet another perk of CoolSculpting is that it’s simple and convenient. The physicians at 360 MWS customize a treatment plan to target the areas of fat you want to reshape. The CoolSculpting applicator does all the work, crystallizing (freezing) the fat cells below the surface of your skin so your body can eliminate them, naturally, over time.

About three weeks after your CoolSculpting procedure, you’ll begin to notice a difference in the appearance of treated areas. And after about two months, you’ll see the most dramatic results: more contoured areas where the stubborn fat once existed. Your body continues to flush out dead fat cells for the next 4-6 months, so you may see even more satisfying results.

At 360 MWS, we’re with you for each step along your weight loss journey, and we want to be there as you realize your dream of enhancing a slimmer shape and achieving a more confident self-image. We’re on the journey with you, because, after all, that’s what weight loss is: a journey toward a healthier, more satisfying lifestyle.

Call our office or request an appointment online to learn more about CoolSculpting treatment options.

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