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At 360 Medical Weight Specialists in Walnut Creek, we offer a full array of facial contouring treatments that can help you enhance your facial features to achieve the desired look you want. However, after you receive such treatments, it is important to improve other areas of your daily life to retain such facial features. That is why we have put together a list of foods that can help you retain beautifully glowing skin.


As an excellent source of vitamin K, Kale can act as an anti-inflammatory to help reduce bloating and puffiness on cheeks. Dermatologists have suggested that kale contains sulfur that can aid in the reduction of redness and dry skin. Vitamin K is good to protect against cancer. Also, kale can enhance the facial glow and help to remove toxins from the body.


Mangos are like collagen boosters that work to enhance facial features with smoother and young-looking facial skin. Mangoes are filling vitamins A and C and can help in with treating acne by reducing the amount of oil produced in the face. Carotenoids are present in mangoes and contribute to the enhancement of skin tone and color to give your face that glowing feature.


Tomatoes are packed with antioxidant properties (lycopene) that can also protect your skin from UV radiation, which is one of the most common causes of wrinkles and damaged skin. Doctors have found that people who have a tomato-rich diet experience reduced redness and natural protection from UV rays.


With a body that is predominantly water, it makes sense for the skin to be greatly affected by water consumption or lack of consumption. If your facial skin is constantly dry or flaky, there is a good chance that you’re not drinking enough water. In fact, wrinkles are more likely to appear faster in people who don’t drink enough water on a daily basis.


Many dermatologists love salmon for its wealth of omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 helps cell functionality in the body, including facial skin cells, to aid in the smoothing process. Healthy fats, such as Salmon and avocado are great for producing elastin and collagen for young and smooth-looking skin.


Avocados are a great source of healthy fats. Avos can help smooth the skin by supporting cellular growth and the production of elastin and collagen. It also can supply the skin with phytonutrients as part of the hydration process to help the skin produce that healthy-looking glow.

Red Bell Peppers

Red Bell Peppers have a high content of vitamin C, which also assists in the production of collagen in the face. The vitamin C in Red Bell Peppers have also been known to help reduce sagging skin in the face and inflammation in the body, which is a common source of aging features in the body.

Don’t let your good looks be affected by the food you put in your body. Eat healthy foods to retain the features you’ve come to adore after your treatment at 360 Medical Weight Specialists. 

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